Our Services

In order to provide a complete package of service, there are two main categories that we cater. Both of these categories will make sure that you do not have to visit different kennels in order to meet with requirements related to your dogs. Here is an overview of our services.

Breeding dogs

The major part of our services is related to breeding whippet dogs. We raise puppies from a very young age and make sure that they are excellent quality whippet dogs. These dogs rank very high in terms of their build, looks, as well as athletic capacity. Besides some of the older dogs have even won many competitions.

Training dogs

The second part of our service is related to training dogs. In case you already have a pup that needs to be trained for competitions, then that too is possible with the help of the organisation. We have expert breeders who can guide you about everything related to whippet dog training. Besides, the coaches also have years of experience which makes it really easy for them to train different puppies