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Site updated June 15, 2012

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New 8 month picture of "Sparkle"
"B" wins the Baby Puppy Group under Mrs. Pat Trotter
New 5 month old pictures of "B", & Chance
Corona picks up a 4th for more points toward her Field title.

THE ultimate breed!!!!!!!!!!  I had the opportunity to zoom down to John & Tracy Hite's (Tivio Whippets) place for another visit.  It is so enjoyable to be able to take all my animals and KNOW that everything will be OK.   I don't know of any other breed of dog that you can "throw" 2 entire households together and have the harmony as pictured above.
Since the picture is a menagerie, I will just list the dogs, old & young: 
Tivio's "Tabitha", Tivio's "Lucy", Nasusa's "Stash", Winfield's "OB", Tivio's "Party", Tivio's "Zola", Nasusa's "Brat", Nasusa's "ME", Nasusa's "CNa"


Nasusa is a small home based kennel owned by Susan & Carla Badick.  We are located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  All of our dogs live in the house and sleep on our beds.  We have bred and successfully shown our Miniature Wire-haired Dachshunds and Whippets in Canada and the United States for over 25 years.  Temperament and health are major priorities in our breeding program.  On the following pages, you will see our dogs from the beginning to today.
Thank you for visiting, and we hope you enjoy your time online with us.

Some of these pages may take a while to download, as they may contain several photographs for your enjoyment.  Please be patient.

Photo from Sue Nordstrom - ME is in yellow



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