Adopt a whippet dog

Are you someone who is looking to adopt a whippet dog? Then this platform is the right place to be. We are one of the most prestigious whippet dog breeders in the locality, who have been serving the community for years. Besides, all the animal's trained by us rank very high when it comes to winning local and national competitions.

Furthermore, to make sure that dogs trained by us win different competitions, we follow an individual approach. It means we train these animals depending on their personality and overall capability. Which can be gauged from very early on. In case you want to know more about the dogs trained and bread by us, we would recommend you get in touch with the organisation.

Currently Available Puppies

If you are looking to adopt a pet dog for yourself, then check out the list of all the available pups. The list is updated every two weeks in order to give you a real-time idea of our best dogs available.

Service and Training

In case you want to get a closer look at our services as well as the training process implied, then this is the section to check out. Here are you will be able to get an idea of our exact process, that we use for each whippet dog that we breed.

For those of you who are looking for a contact medium to get in touch with us, try using this section. It is filled with every contact channel that we have created in order to serve clients and future dog owners.